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this field allows to search the sources as indicated by Lig. gl. (e.g.: Esidori, de glosis; or Esi.? or glo.?).

this field allows to search the references given in this edition, using our Index of sigla. You can search only an author or a specific work (e.g.: Aug. or Aug. serm. or serm.).

Search tips

  • This page supports Regular Expressions (REGEX) [see a presentation here; and a more detailed tutorial by Jan Goyvaerts.
  • Remember the fields are case sensitive: write exactly Isid. etym., but not isid. etym. nor Isid. Etym..
  • Here .? works like * in simple search page.
  • You can fill one or more fields to refine queries, e.g.: in 'author' glo.? and in 'reference' Abstr.? to get only the Abstrusa items having a source tag in the first result's table).
  • This formula H{0,1}[EIYeiy]s[iy]d. (or H?[EIYeiy]s[iy]d.) allows to find all Isidorus tags.