The working process
The Team
Rules of edition

History of the project

Having been granted an ERC funding (StG 263577), the LibGloss project started in 2011.

The working process

Preparatory step (2011)
  • Realization (by OCR) of a Word-file of Lindsay’s edition, converted into 23 xls files, allowing the assignment one column to each type of information (lemma, tag, gloss, source, foliation, collation…)
  • Realization of a rough text of the LG, by replacing the allusive references provided by Lindsay with the extracts supposed to be found there
  • First collation of this rough text against one manuscript (L). It aimed to replace the “rough sources” with the true text as reorganized by the authors of the Liber, as well as to supply some missing portions of the text, which have been omitted by Lindsay.

Manuscripts step (2012-2016)
  • Second collation of the L manuscript
  • Collation of the text against the other main manuscripts (A, P, T, V…)
  • Collation of a few manuscript fragments

Building the critical edition (september 2014-2016)
  • Encoding the files into xml format
  • Revising the text finally obtained and choosing the textual variants

The Team


Anne Grondeux Coordinator of the project.
Realization (by OCR) of the Word-file of Lindsay’s edition.
Realization of the rough text of the Liber glossarum.
First collation of this rough text against the L manuscript.
Revising the text finally obtained and choosing the textual variants.
Franck Cinato Allocation of the files to be collated and revision of them after collation. Encoding into XML format.
Massimo Gioseffi Coordinator of the Italian team.
Clément Plancq Encoding into XML (scripts) format and implementation of the database. Development of digital tools.


Names Letters MSS
Giliola Barbero A-O, Q-R, T-V on the Vatican manuscript (L)
Filippo Bognini partim E, K, partim S on the Milan manuscript (A)
Isabelle Bretthauer H, M, O on the Paris manuscript (P)
Aude Buffenoir G, I on the Paris manuscript (P)
Franck Cinato A-B, E-F, K (partim P, S) on the Paris manuscript (P)
Cécile Conduché C on the Paris manuscript (P)
Vera Fravventura partim I, T on the Milan manuscript (A)
Marina Giani partim I, Q, V on the Milan manuscript (A)
Marina Giani N, Q, T-Z on the Paris manuscript (P)
Valeria Ingegno A-Z (lemma only) on the Tours manuscript (T), and starting bibliographical records
David Paniagua partim S, P on the Vatican manuscript (L)
David Paniagua partim P on the Paris manuscript (P)
Luigi Pirovano partim C, partim D, M-O, R on the Milan manuscript (A)
Luigi Pirovano R on the Paris manuscript (P)
Adeline Sanchez D, L on the Paris manuscript (P)
Martina Venuti A-B, partim C, partim D, partim E, F-H, partim I, L, partim S on the Milan manuscript (A)
Martina Venuti partim S on the Vatican manuscript (L)

Rules of edition

  • Agreement LA P (C) on a faulty form: their lesson is retained, a note restores the expected form.
  • Agreement LA against P (C): the form retained is generally the expected one, after examination of other witnesses, especially for the missing sections of C
  • Agreement A P (C) against L: the form retained is that of the mss A P (C)
  • Agreement LA (C) against P: the chosen form is that of the mss LA (C), after examination of witnesses of the family φ